BIO – life, death, marriage…and more.

The Universe not song,
not notes echoed on,
the final performance,
absent an audience. 
The Universal vastness,
not ours to employ.

The Universe is,
our home to study,
to experience,
to enjoy.

By Michael Earl Clem. 

LIFE: a shark infested ocean... must jump in - despite the sharks!  

We welcome you into our lives. The world has grown in its acceptance of transgender individuals. The rights for transgender people are increasing across nations of the world. We can marry, we can educate, we can reform, and we can coexist. Help us with this mission by Donating in support of Transgender Equality.

Our Marriage Coverage

Life within a transgender marriage may or may not agree with your individual ideologies and we respect those views in your life and relationships. For us, we celebrate transgender terminology. My wife has completed sex-reassignment surgeries, undergone countless procedures to modify here appearance in order to balance the feelings of femininity, the mind of a women and the body of one as well. She is recognized as a woman by government and we share in the rights as a married couple. We live to the fullest potential of our love within a world that still has contempt for our union. However, no matter the mindset, we express our joy and love for you all.

Please enjoy the following selected videos to give you a background into our story. Large Donations make it possible.


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